It’s been some time, a few years, since the announcement of Bill Gate’s and his subsidiary Mt. Lemmon Holdings purchase of land right outside Buckeye Arizona. Over 24,000 acres of land was purchased for $80 million dollars. Bill being at the forefront of technology- would like to build a smart city that will include housing, schools, offices and retail spaces. There has been little to no updated on the development on the project, but a little investigation has turned up a few things:

Additional Acres Purchased

The investment company purchased an additional 2,800 acres of land in Buckeye, AZ. It should be noted that real estate developers are having a hard time keeping up with demand in Buckeye. With around 21,000 single-family homes in several stages of development are trying to fill demand in 30+ planned communities. These include: Blue Horizons, Arroyo Seco, Verrado, Westpark, Tartesso and Festival Ranch.



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