Indonesia Bet – The Best Sportsbooks in Indonesia

Indonesia’s top betting sites provide multiple payment methods, from eWallets and cryptocurrencies, direct bank transfers and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Most Indonesia bet sites feature wagers on sports and esports popular worldwide, such as football and basketball, as well as local leagues like Liga 1. Some also provide Asian handicaps and totals markets on domestic games like pencak silat and sepak takraw.

Sports betting

Indonesia offers some of the finest sports betting sites available today, including European football, NBA basketball and tennis betting markets. Dafabet provides access to multiple sportsbooks while one account with 188Bet grants access to multiple books; Dafabet features both dedicated sites as well as two eSports specialist ones – most online bookmakers offer odds in USD, EUR, Hong Kong Hong Kong or Malay Malaysian formats with odds as positive as 5/1 representing an approximate 1 percent return per $5 staked.

Establishing an account is a simple, seamless process that can be accomplished from both desktop and mobile devices. Simply click on “Register,” “Sign Up,” or “Open Account,” enter your personal details, agree to our terms and conditions, select your username/password combination, and provide photo identification – all without leaving home! In some instances you may also need to submit photo ID for verification purposes in order to prevent underage gambling or money laundering activities.

In-play betting

In-play betting in Indonesia is a thrilling way to make money while watching your favourite teams compete. Bettors can place bets on any game currently taking place across several markets and there may also be bonus promotions or special bonuses offered to attract new customers.

Finding an online gambling site that accepts your local currency can save you money in transfer fees and exchange charges, plus many accept various e-wallets and currencies so you can select one best suited to your circumstances.

Utilizing a VPN is an ideal way to bypass local IP blocks and gain access to international sports betting sites in Indonesia. At these websites, you’ll find an abundance of sports leagues such as Premier League and Ligue 1. Furthermore, some even provide enhanced odds for select markets.

Depositing money

Indonesia’s top sportsbooks provide a diverse selection of wagers on popular domestic and imported sports such as football, badminton, volleyball and martial arts – with some offering markets for esports events like CS:GO and LoL as well.

Most Indonesian bookmakers accept rupiah as their primary account currency and offer multiple deposit methods, such as e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller as well as cryptocurrency deposits. Some even provide iOS/Android apps for easier use.

Sending money to Indonesia with Xoom is fast, simple, and cost-effective. We provide competitive exchange rates without hidden fees so you know exactly how much your transfer costs – plus online tracking so your recipient can collect their cash at one of many Xoom locations around the country!


Due to Indonesia’s strict prohibition of gambling, there are no legal online betting sites in Indonesia and those that exist face severe penalties if found. Many Indonesians use virtual private networks (VPN) in order to circumvent such restrictions – this method encrypts their Internet access and redirects it through a server in another country.

Though there are certain restrictions, Indonesians still have plenty of opportunities for betting on sports. For instance, AW88 provides access to international games available in their local currency as well as an extensive live betting section where they can place bets at any time during the day on any event they choose. Furthermore, this site offers various deposit methods including e-wallets making it ideal for players concerned about legal implications.


Although illegal in Indonesia, local bookmakers provide online wagers on various sports and teams through local bookies. Payment can be made using various eWallets or cryptocurrency services; players may even deposit using mobile phone deposits.

While the government remains undecided on banning online betting, they do have plans in place to address it from all angles. One strategy involves working with telecom providers to identify and block gambling-related messaging on mobile phones.

Indonesian betting odds are calculated on one unit wagered, and can either be positive or negative depending on how you interpret their symbols: positive odds are indicated with a plus sign while negative ones have symbols before them; both types are calculated based on the probability that a bet will win; however, negative odds tend to be more volatile.